AMS Product Overview

The industry’s first quantitative miniature mass spectrometer can quantitatively monitor processes in pharmaceutical production, semiconductor processing, and oil and gas development in real time.

AMS: The Atonarp AMS Smart SpectrometerTM is a miniaturized mass spectrometer for real-time gas detection using cloud-connected software that enables remote monitoring and big data analysis. The system has a low total cost of ownership due to its low lifetime maintenance and no frequently required consumables.

Unique Features of the AMS Smart Spectrometer™

  • Ultra-Compact Form Factor: Due to the miniature design of the AMS array of micro-quadrupole rods, its vacuum requirement is met through the fully integrated small turbo and roughing pumps, making it ideal for process and machine control applications.
  • High pressure operation: The AMS operates at ~3 orders of magnitude higher pressure compared to standard RGAs thanks to the miniature design of the mass spectrometer array of micro-quadrupole rods. Allowing for simpler system integration solutions.
  • Stable Detector: Unlike RGAs, the AMS high pressure operation and higher ion currents allows for the exclusive use of a rugged and stable Faraday Cup detector with a state-of-the-art circuitry over the whole dynamic range of concentration measurements. Ideal for fast repeatable measurements needed in process control applications.
  • Quantitative and Accurate: The AMS is unique in its ability to deliver highly accurate measurements in the order of sub-1% due to its innovative electronics and signal processing on the one hand, and its operation and calibration within the same pressure range against the gold standard Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG).
  • Sensitivity: AMS spans 6+ decades of dynamic range and down to PPM concentration levels. Control and optimize your processes with outstanding molecular precision.
  • Real-time: Quantitative molecular scans in less than 10ms can be performed allowing for real-time process control optimization.
  • Software that puts you in control: Remote cloud or point-of-use browser-based software offers advanced features and data harvesting empowering the skilled user while supporting routine operation of the general user.

For specifications and more information, download the AMS Datasheet and Application Note.