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Leading the Digital Transformation of Molecular Diagnostics in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Industrial Process Control and the Life Sciences

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At Atonarp, we are revolutionizing how we sense, collect, process and interpret data at the molecular level. Our teams work out of Tokyo Japan, Fremont California and Bangalore India with a focus on hardware and software technology solutions. We digitize molecular analysis for the most demanding and innovative solutions in process control and the life sciences. Backed by precision engineering and R&D in digital molecule detection and quantification technologies, we have built a family of intelligent and user-friendly molecular sensors. Our products are digitizing how process control and life science application are solved.

Introducing Aston: Real Time Molecular Process Control for Semiconductor Applications

Aston’s Robustness, Reliability, Repeatability, Accuracy and Sensitivity make it the only molecular sensor designed from the bottom up for semiconductor process control.

Aston™ is a robust molecular sensor designed from the bottom up to be the workhorse metrology tool for gas monitoring and control in semiconductor manufacturing. High quantitative accuracy and real-time performance are combined with production ready robustness and dependability; increasing process chamber throughput and maximizing yields of precision multi-layer material deposition and etch processes

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