Engineered For Molecular Precision

Real Time
Molecular Analysis
at the Speed of Light


ATON-360 is Atonarp’s revolutionary optical spectroscopy molecular sensor solution.  From online patient monitoring to in-vitro diagnostics to biology ATON-360 can detect and quantify a range of targeted molecules from a drop of fluid (<10uL) in seconds.

Online Patient Monitoring

Online patient monitoring enables optimum utilization of healthcare human resources whilst providing accurate quantitative diagnostic data to improve patient outcomes. Dialysis which today is good at monitoring and removal of urea, however, in addition to urea, the removal of medium molecules (e.g. ß2-microglobulin) or larger low-molecular-weight proteins (LMWPs) has been a growing concern following studies on their harmful effects on morbidity of chronic dialysis patients.

With ATON-360 real-time analysis of medium and large molecule toxin levels can be performed during routine patient dialysis; allowing physicians to tailor treatment plans to minimize their harmful effects.

Cell Biology

Cell biology companies are increasingly sifting through thousands of nano-scale reactors at once and imaging information for each, across a number of dimensions including the presence and quantification of specific molecules. ATON-360 is looking to accelerate this precise, time-consuming, nano-scale reactor analysis providing quantified molecular information in a fraction of the time and cost. Additionally ATON-360's molecular picture can be analyzed retroactively for new molecules of interest based on the original measurement image.

In-vitro diagnostics

A single pain free finger-stick yields enough blood (<5µL) to enable ATON-360 to take a molecular picture and produce a quantitative lab report in seconds,

Data correlation to existing in-vitro lab chemistry and <1mg/dL sensitivity has been demonstrated.

With NO phlebotomist and NO waiting for STAT orders, ATON-360 is set to disrupt how emergency room and urgent care diagnostics are performed by providing, pain-free, cost-effective instantaneous in-vitro diagnostics.

Differentiated Optical Technology

ATON-360 takes a molecular picture. NO chemical analysis using reagents.
Uniquely ATON-360 takes a molecular picture of the sample. This allows for retroactive tests to be performed on the stored sample image at any point in the future. Creating a true baseline medical history per patient with each sample analyzed.
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Results in Seconds

Analysis at the speed of Light. Results in seconds. Ideal for real-time analysis in applications like dialysis, cell biology and point of care.
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Proven Accurate and Sensitive

Ability to meet clinical accuracy requirements for a broad class of compounds. Accuracy data comparable to existing in-vitro diagnostic laboratory results and sensitivity level <1mg/dL.
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Painless Finger Stick Samples

One drop of fluid is all that's needed <10µL. A simple quick painless finger stick. No phlebotomist needed. No issue with collapsed veins.
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Optical Spectroscopy for the Life Sciences

Painless finger stick to test (<10uL).

Multiple molecules quantified at once.

Instantaneous molecular picture created than can be re-analyzed retroactively.

Optical molecular analysis.

Other Diagnostic Solutions

Require 'syringe' full of blood.

Consumable cassettes have shelf-life.

New fluid sample for each test.

Electrochemical reagent analysis.