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LyoSentinel for
Pharmaceutical & Industrial
Process Control

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Atonarp’s LyoSentinel is the industry’s first ever quantitative real time miniaturized molecular sensor and silicone oil protection module for lyophilization (Lyo) process gas detection.  Now, you can monitor not only the most minuscule traces of gases, but also the precise quantity of each for optimized process control as well as detect the presence of harmful contaminants. With a rugged Faraday Cup and calibration against the Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG), the LyoSentinel operates in high pressure environments without the need for external pumps. Its customizable proprietary software puts precision molecular analysis for Lyo applications at your fingertips.

Beyond lyophilization LyoSentinel is being used in applications such as specialty coating and surface treatments.


Monitor primary & secondary end points, silicon oil contamination and in-line vacuum leaks.
Ideal for Lyophilisation process control.


Quantitatively monitor species of interest to flag deviation from set parameters to maintain the highest process quality.

LyoSentinel: The most durable, accurate, cost-effective and hassle-free solution for process analytics.

Small and Powerful

Compact and sleek, the LyoSentinel can be easily retrofitted onto any freeze-dryer. Ideal for process control applications, it’s fitted with our proprietary miniaturized array of micro-quadrupoles along with integrated small turbo and roughing pumps and the silicone oil detect and protect module.

Get real data in real time

The LyoSentinel delivers highly accurate measurements due to its innovative electronics and signal processing capability. It performs quantitative molecular scans in less than 10ms, allowing for real-time process control optimization. With its cloud-connected software, you can leverage the data analytics for unparalleled process insight.

Optimized high-pressure performance

Ideal for fast repeatable measurements needed in process control applications, the LyoSentinel spans 6+ decades of concentration dynamic range, down to ppm levels. It is calibrated within the same pressure range against the gold standard Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG).

Work with molecular precision

Ideal for fast repeatable measurements needed in process control applications, the LyoSentinel works down to ppm levels.

Experience unparalleled uptime

With a smart modular design, the LyoSentinel offers the industry’s lowest downtime, with easy on-site replacement of consumable parts and in-built usage diagnostics. Fewer required consumables and low maintenance events translate into a low total cost-of-ownership, and hassle-free operation.

Miniaturized Quadrupole Array Filter enables the LyoSentinel molecular sensor to operate at higher pressure than conventional mass spectrometers.


408 x 204 x 316 mm


22 Kg


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The LyoSentinel Embedded Mass Spectrometer
16 Poles, 9 Quadrupoles

Miniaturized quadrupole arrays contain smaller rods, and more quadrupoles, than a conventional quadrupole detector.

Traditional MS
4 Poles, 1 Quadrupole

The standard-sized array is unable to operate at high pressure and requires external vacuum pumps which are space-consuming.

  The LyoSentinel Embedded Mass Spectrometer Traditional MS
Quantitative Qualitative / Semi-quant
Directly calibrated against a Gold Standard Indirectly by extrapolation, hence inaccurate and requires frequent calibration
Can diferentiate between isobaric masses: CO2 (m/z = 44 ) vs. Propane (m/z = 44) Yes, via its fragmentation ions fingerprinting algorithm
Silicone Oil Protection
Freeze-dryer sampling pressure up to 2 Torr
Peak resolving capability
Quantitative accuracy (%)
Maintenance free
Roughing pump
Automated calibration / tuning
21 CFR Part 11