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Technology, no matter how path-breaking, is only as good as how it’s applied. At Atonarp, we are always exploring new ways to use our knowledge and technology for a brighter future. The ability to see materials in molecular detail opens up a world of exciting possibilities for industrial process control applications.  Analysis of process gases with molecular weight up to 100 amu in real-time with ppm level accuracy is available now with Atonarp’s market leading AMS-1000 molecular sensor.

Process Gases End Point Detection

Dramatically increase process control efficiency with real-time end point detection of process gases.  Time based open-loop processes result in excess material use and reduced throughput of expensive capital equipment.  Endpoint detection of precursor and/or exhaust gases using Atonarp’s AMS-1000 enables closed loop quantified processing, saving materials and time.

Quality Assurance Incoming Inspection

Validation of gas purity and quality assurance of incoming process gases.  AMS-1000 can be used for the acceptance criteria for incoming ultra high purity gases as part of production quality assurance. Detection of trace moisture, oxygen and other contaminants can be preformed quickly and easily with with ppm accuracy

Natural Gas, PetroChemical and Chemical Processing Plants

Analysis and quantification of gases in the petrochemical, natural gas and chemical processing Industry and compliance with stringent environmental regulations for exhaust and flare gases.

  • Much smaller in form factor than GC-MS
  • Much lower cost than GC-MS and lower cost of installation
  • Unlike GC-MS, AMS-1000 results are real time – ideal solution for custody transfer
  • Lowest total cost of ownership. No calibration gases required thereby eliminating the complexity in logistics and cost
  • Hydrogen does not affect instrument integrity and operation



Its unique miniature quadrupole array design allows high pressure operation with abundant ions, eliminating the need for unwieldy external pumps.


A rugged Faraday Cup allows higher detector sensitivity and stability throughout its longer operational life, as opposed to an Electron Multiplier detector.


Stay on top of operations from anywhere in the world with our highly customisable browser-based cloud-connected platform, allowing big data analysis.


Easily retrofittable with a small footprint, all in a plug-and-play corrosion resistant box.

At Atonarp we are constantly looking for ways to use our groundbreaking technology to support new innovations. Have an idea for its application in your industry? Please contact us

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AMS-1000 Low Total Cost of Ownership

With a smart modular design, the AMS 1000 guarantees the industry’s lowest downtime, with easy on-site replacement of consumable parts and in-built usage diagnostics. Few required consumables and low maintenance events translate into a low total cost-of-ownership, and hassle-free operation.