ATON-360 Optical Spectroscopy
Quantitative Molecular Analysis
Revolutionizing the Life Sciences

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Improving clinical outcomes and enhancing the overall patient experience starts with fast, accurate and painless diagnostic testing.

Working at the speed of light, Atonarp’s newest molecular sensor technology enables clinical level diagnostics without the use of typical laboratory wet chemistry.

  • Low blood/fluid requirements. Simple finger-stick or fluid transfer tubing
  • Rapid results – clinical grade results in seconds
  • Retroactive analysis – digital snapshot can be reanalyzed at a later date
  • Low cost per test – disposable module no cleaning process or chemicals

The non-linear optical spectroscopy solution of ATON-360 creates a snapshots of the molecular structures and determines type and quantity of analytes present in the sample.

ATON-360 a revolutionary molecular sensor enabling fast, accurate and painless diagnostic testing for the life sciences…
Online Patient Monitoring

Online patient monitoring enables optimum utilization of healthcare human resources whilst providing accurate quantitative diagnostic data to improve patient outcomes. An example would be dialysis where we are looking to improve patient outcomes via molecular analysis during routine patient dialysis.

• Kt/v urea clearance. Monitor medium molecules (e.g. ß2-microglobulin) for clearance

• End-point detection for toxin removal. Optimizing dialysis

• Managing electrolytes (sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, calcium, magnesium & phosphate)

• Provide additional test panels (heart, liver, kidney, immunity, oncology)

Armed with this additional diagnostic data physicians will be able to tailor treatment plans to minimize reduce the number of clinical visits and improve patient long term outcomes.

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Cell Biology

Cell biology companies are increasingly analyzing thousands of cell-lines in nano-scale reactors at once. The goal is to accelerate the discovery, development and manufacturing of cell-based products including antibody discovery & development.  Non-contact, real-time measurements, including pharma dynamics/co-kinetics via molecular analysis and quantification are key benefits to these companies. Atonarp ATON-360 is looking to accelerate this precise, time-consuming, nano-scale reactor analysis providing quantified molecular information in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Additionally ATON-360’s molecular snapshot can be analyzed retroactively for new molecules of interest based on the original measurement set.

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In-Vitro Diagnostics

With no phlebotomist needed and no waiting for STAT orders, ATON-360 is set to disrupt how in-vitro diagnostics are performed by providing a fast, pain-free and cost-effective solution:

• Small sample size. A single pain free finger-stick yields enough blood (<10µL) to enable ATON-360 to take a molecular snapshot

• Real-time. Produce a quantitative report in seconds

• All digital molecular snapshot: optical, not chemistry, based solution

• Ability to run various test panels from a single sample. The ability to meet clinical accuracy requirements for a broad class of compounds

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Analysis at the speed of Light

Results in seconds. Ideal for real-time analysis in applications like dialysis, and biotherapeutics.

Proven Accuracy and Sensitivity

Ability to meet clinical accuracy requirements for a broad class of compounds.

Molecular Snapshot NOT Chemical Analysis

Uniquely ATON-360 takes a molecular snapshot of the sample. This allows for retroactive tests to be performed on the stored sample image at any point n the future. Creating a true baseline medical history per patient with each sample analyzed.

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Atonarp’s ATON-360

ATON-360 is Atonarp’s revolutionary optical spectroscopy platform for molecular diagnostics. ATON-360 is disrupting the molecular analysis in the life sciences.  From online patient monitoring to cell biology to point-of-care diagnostics. ATON-360 can detect and quantify a range of targeted molecules from a drop of fluid (<10uL) in seconds

ATON-360: Molecular diagnostics at the speed of light


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