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Take a look at our molecular sensor products

At Atonarp, we’re creating a whole new way of sensing and understanding molecular information. Ahead of the technology curve, both in terms of software, algorithms and hardware, we have applied some of the best minds in the field to break new ground in quantitative molecular analysis.

Measure the cause, not the symptom

Atonarp’s molecular sensing platform is revolutionizing molecular sensing as we know it. For the first time we have made it possible for end-users to get direct primary molecular measurements as opposed to secondary inference. Our solutions are molecular mandated and autonomous - This means users can now probe the root cause of an unfolding phenomenon, not just observe the symptom. With greater insight, users can be proactive and predictive in their decision making, saving time and resources.

Real-time insight, for on-time intervention

What’s the point of real-time measurement without real-time communication? The solution lies in a cloud-based system with incredible analytical power. Our proprietary algorithm analyses the exact molecular structure of species and the fast data processing capability of the cloud-based system relays the data analytics to users instantly — so they can predict a phenomenon and not just react to it.

Easy integration for new applications

Our molecular camera technology can help streamline the manufacturing and QA/QC workflow of a range of industries. The miniature design of the hardware coupled with a highly customizable software allows seamless integration into potential user processes. Already successfully integrated into one of the world’s leading brand of pharmaceutical freeze-dryers, Atonarp’s molecular sensors are geared to enable solutions for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, industrial and life science industries.


AI-enabled, true primary measurement, for deeper insight


Maximised uptime, with instant insight for predictive maintenance


Highly configurable user interface for individual client APIs


Miniature footprints that fits right in with ease