• Our Vision: Miniaturized Molecular Sensor

    Atonarp’s molecular sensors are set to revolutionize the way we sense, process and interpret data at the molecular level through the development and commercialization of highly miniaturized molecular sensors. Combining recent advances in nanofabrication, artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics, and optics, Atonarp has developed a novel platform for real time quantitative molecular analysis, diagnostics and imaging which brings molecular analysis to a wide new range of applications.

  • Technology

    Atonarp has developed a unique molecular analysis technology platform. The traditional instrument componentry in our system has been miniaturized and optimized for an ultra small form factor. At the core is powerful processor coupled with proprietary software which delivers speed, sensitivity, resolution and accuracy. The result is a highly configurable, flexible, quantitative real-time analytic tool which has the versatility to address many applications.

  • Semiconductor Applications

    Atonarp’s Smart Spectrometer provides the semiconductor industry with a reliable instrument that quantitatively measures gas composition in real time for precise process control, enabling process engineers to achieve more repeatable and uniform process results.

  • Natural Gas Applications

    Atonarp’s Smart Spectrometer provides the natural gas and renewable energy industries with a reliable instrument that quantitatively measures all components of natural gas (hydrocarbons, C9+, sulfur, hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide) in real time and computes a precise and accurate calorific value.

  • Pharmaceutical Applications

    Atonarp’s Smart Spectrometer is the ideal analytical instrument to monitor the water evaporation during the freeze dry process. It provides real time quantitative measurements as the water vapor is drawn down and purged by nitrogen gas. By monitoring this process pharma companies can precisely determine the process end point and ensure process compliance.

  • Medical Applications

    Based on well-established optical molecular analysis technologies used in scientific applications, Atonarp is merging this with biological techniques to create a complete system for real time blood diagnostics. This disruptive technology promises to transform healthcare in the future, bringing down cost and response time for common diagnostic tests.

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