Aston for Semiconductor

Advance metrology and process control for CVD, Atomic Leayer Deposition (ALD), Etch, Atomic Layer Etch (ALE)

Aston for Process Monitoring

Process equipment chamber management: cleaning, seasoning, fingerprinting & matching

LyoSentinel for Pharmaceuticals

Monitor primary & secondary end points, silicone oil contamination and in-line vacuum leaks. Ideal for lyophilisation process control

AMS-1000 for Industrial

Quantitatively monitor molecules of interest with feedback control to maintain the highest process quality

ATON-360 for Life Sciences

Quantitative real time molecular analysis for dialysis, biopharmaceuticals and in-Vito diagnostics

At Atonarp, we have created the industry’s smallest, smartest, cloud-connected, plug-and-play molecular sensors that quantitatively analyze chemical processes in real time with unprecedented detail.

Engineered in Tokyo and Silicon Valley (US & India), our disruptive solutions revolutionize the way the world senses, collects, processes and interprets molecular data.

Leading a giant leap in molecular sensors

Consistently focused on breakthroughs in miniaturization, artificial intelligence, vacuum science and optics, Atonarp has developed pioneering technology platforms for quantitative molecular analysis, diagnostics and imaging.

Our Technology